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Frequently asked questions

  • Question 1: What are the investment incentives stipulated by the Investment Promotion Act?

    General measures for encouragement of entrepreneurs apply to all class “A” and class “B” investments certified under the new Investment Promotion Act. These include: information services and faster administrative servicing; preferential treatment upon acquisition of property rights and limited real rights over real estate – private state or private municipal property; financial support for vocational training of employees for the needs of the investment project (for investments in high technology activities and in municipalities with unemployment rate equal or higher than the country average); reimbursement of labor costs paid by the employer. Only Class “A” investment projects enjoy personalised administrative servicing and financial support for infrastructure to the borders of the investment project site. Priority investment projects benefit from the special incentive package provided by the government.

  • Question 2: It is said that Bulgaria has the most favorable taxes is Europe. Why?

    Bulgaria has one of the lowest corporate income tax in the EU - 10% corporate income tax. Moreover, there is a possibility of 0% taxation rate for manufacturing companies in areas with high unemployment. Along with this, 10% personal income tax, flat rate, was introduced in 2008.  Investors also benefit from certain provisions in the Corporate Income Tax Law, the Value Added Tax Law and from the Law on Encouragement of Employment, provided they meet certain criteria. In addition, investors may also use EU Structural Funds for further support in their investment projects in Bulgaria.

  • Question 3: How could InvestBulgaria Agency help me in implementing my investment project in Bulgaria?

    InvestBulgaria Agency is a government agency, whose mission is to attract investments and to assist companies with the successful execution of their investment projects resulting in new job creation, increased exports of goods and services as well as inflow of know-how, ultimately aiming at boosting Bulgaria’s economy. In this respect we provide a complex of services to the potential investors, which include:

    • - Macroeconomic data on Bulgaria
    • - Legal advice
    • - Data on operational costs
    • - Regional information: industrial zones and infrastructure, data on unemployment, skilled labour force and level of education
    • - Recommendation of investment project sites
    • - Identification of potential suppliers, contract manufacturers and joint-venture partners
    • - Personalized administrative servicing
    • - Liaison with central and local governments
    • - Liaison with branch chambers and NGOs
  • Question 4: Where could the application for investment incentives be submitted? Can the investment incentives application be submitted online?

    Documents should be submitted to the Bulgarian Investment Agency, and the application is afterwards processed and forwarded to the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

    Approximate time for obtaining class A and Class B certified investor status after receiving the necessary set of documents is about 2 - 3 months.