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Frequently asked questions

  • Question 9: What are the most attractive sectors for FDI?

    Sectors most attractive for investment include manufacturing; electrical and mechanical engineering; electronics and manufacturing of auto parts; ICT and technology as well as BPO operations; food;  SPA tourism.

  • Question 10: Are there any representative offices of InvestBulgaria Agency abroad that could be contacted or visited?

    InvestBulgaria Agency does not have representative offices outside Bulgaria at present. The commercial sections of the Bulgarian Embassies abroad are available and InvestBulgaria Agency encourages potential investors to contact them

  • Question 11: Are there any industrial areas available for establishing an operation in Bulgaria?

    Up to date, Bulgaria can offer to potential investors several industrial plots where they would have all the conditions needed to establish a production plant and to start and successfully maintain operation. Most of these plots are governed by the special state-owned holding National Company Industrial Zones PLC (, and the other are owned by private investors, but in both cases, if the investors decide to establish an operation there, they will benefit from all the opportunities that an industrial park can offer.

  • Question 12: How could an investor benefit from the strategic location of Bulgaria?

    Bulgaria’s strategic geographical location is at the crossroads of five European transport corridors, connecting Western and Northern Europe with the Eastern and Southern part of the continent. The great potential represented by the free access to the single European market (the biggest market in the world), the proximity to new, unsaturated markets, and the country’s logistically strategic location in Southeastern Europe have recently been a relevant factors in many investor’s decisions. Furthermore, Bulgaria can be used as a bridge between European and Asian markets.