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InvestBulgaria Agency gave the ”investor Oscars”

February 6, 2015


For ninth consecutive year InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) gave the annual award "Investor of the Year". To the glamorous ceremony in Sofia Hotel Balkan arrived The President Rosen Plevneliev, Deputy Prime Ministers Meglena Kuneva and Tomislav Donchev, Ministers Bojidar Loukarsky and Nikolina Angelkova, many deputy ministers, chairmen of committees Menda Stoyanova, Naiden Zelenogorski, Petar Kanev, many representatives of the business elite and leaders in public political life. Among the guests were the ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Japan, Italy, Turkey, Kazakhstan, many commercial representatives from different countries, heads of bilateral commerce and industry chambers, members of parliament from different parliamentary groups, journalists from many media.

The Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency Stamen Yanev welcomed the participants and wished the businesses to realize many successful projects in 2015, so that the jury will be very difficult to choose the winners in the jubilee 10th edition of the competition next year. Preparations for it began from the end of the ceremony.

The idea of IBAs contest, which gives the most prestigious awards for realized investments in Bulgaria, is to be awarded the most emblematic projects.

In the period of nominations were received over 80 applications from companies in all sectors of the economy, information technology, health, sent by ministries, regional administrations and municipalities. After discussion and evaluation from objective methodology, the final of the competition reached 30 companies realized investment projects in 2014.

The President Rosen Plevneliev handed the Golden Bull statuette, made by the sculptor Seyfetin Shekerov, "Investor of the Year" to Serge Schmidt, CEO of "Devnya Cement".

The prestigious prize of  InvestBulgaria Agency over the years received "ABB Bulgaria", "Lufthansa Technik Sofia", "Hewlett Packard Bulgaria", "Trakya Glass Bulgaria", "Agropolychim" "Solvay Sodi", "Biovet", "Libher- Hausgeräte Maritza" and others.



I.  Golden bull statue, made by sculptor Seyfetin Shekerov and Diploma

1. Investor of the Year for achievements in 2014 - "Devnya Cement" JSC

For reconstruction and modernization of the plant for production of clinker and cement plant "Devnya Cement". New line project will lead to an overall improvement in energy efficiency and a significant reduction in consumption of fossil fuels and water; noticeable reduction of CO2, SO2 and other emissions of gases and dust; zero waste generation; will contribute to sustainable development at local and national level, as the new plant will be able to use alternative fuels, including modified as RDF- Refuse Derived Fuel and biomass.

Cost of investments in 2014: 114 million leva

Value of the entire project, completed in 2014: 325 mln. Leva

Number of jobs created in 2014: 3067

Number of jobs created for the entire project: 6000

Presented the award: The President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev

"There is nothing accidental that so many politicians and representatives of various state institutions are here today to this remarkable event for the Bulgarian economy - the annual awards of IBA. It is no accident, because politicians in Bulgaria realize: who create jobs places, who pay taxes and who creates perspective areas. That's you - investors and entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. You are the ones that move the economy forward, opening new horizons, take chances, create new places, create human perspective.

But we are part of your big family, together with Deputy Prime Ministers, the ministers committed to Bulgaria, which aims to modernize quickly.

What we can promise is that in addition to the European resources of over 15 billion  Euro, more so will come from the state budget by 2020. We will work together and we hope to build more competitive, more modern, more human, more efficient, more beautiful Bulgaria. We have a clear plan of action. Of course, we realize that we have the platform, and you are the ones who will invest and will move their projects forward.

I want to hear from me as head of state, but you hear  it from IBAs team, of our ministers, every day, every investor is important to us – those with billions and those with small projects, large and small, because every one is part of the way in which we go about upgrading and positioning Bulgaria as a good place to do business in Southeast Europe, and why not with great prospects. For each of you, the doors of IBA are open."

Received the prize: Serge Schmidt, executive director of "Devnya Cement".

"I am very proud to be here today and to receive this award. I want to thank the Minister of Economy, InvestBulgaria Agency, of course, the mayor of Devnya and all institutions that helped this investment to become a reality. We put a lot of effort and a lot of money to have the most modern equipment and the most modern plant in Europe. Thanks to the team of "Devnya Cement", our subcontractors, and I hope that we will have good conditions for growth."


2. Green investment: Behr Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC)

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH (BHTC) is one of the world's leading companies in climate control and thermal management for the automotive industry. The main product groups are control panels and control units for vehicle air conditioning and center consoles in the car and modern interfaces. Clients of the company: Audi, Behr, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Chrysler, DAF, Daimler, Daimler Commercial Vehicles, FAW-VW, Ford, Freightliner, GM, Lamborghini, Mack, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra Renault, MAN, Mini, Navistar , Nissan, Paccar, Porsche, PSA, Renault, Renault Samsung, Renault Truck, SAIC, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subros, S-GM, S-VW, Tata, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Volvo, Volvo Truck.

In 2014, BHTC built its first manufacturing plant and development center in Industrial Zone Sofia - Bozhurishte. Construction of the plant began in early July 2013. Production started in the second half of December 2014

Value of the investment by the end of 2014: about 15.3 million Euro.

Created new jobs by the end of 2014: 80.

For 2015 total jobs created are planned to reach 200.

Presented the award: Meglena Kuneva, Deputy Prime Minister in coordination of European policy and institutional issues

"Tonight success has many names. I am glad that the award, which I will announce is for greenfield investment. Because this is the charm of beginning, the charm to raise something to see how it develops. But, of course, the beginning is never once and for all. The most important thing is to continue.

I want to draw attention to something. Juncker plan. This is the next European policy. First, it must make us hurry. Second:to make the business and private investment to work. And third, to show that there is no barrier between private and public.

I very much count on you. To be a good example of good, mature projects that we all benefit. Remember that any investment in Bulgaria, is an investment in the common European market. Good luck! Good luck to all. "

Klaus Brandes and Jordan Peytchev COO

"We are very happy to accept this award so soon after the groundbreaking, and I want to thank the highly professional team of Behr Hella-Bulgaria, who made this project possible. We look forward to expand new activities and to create new similar projects."


3.Investment in human capital - "Yazaki Bulgaria"

"Yazaki Bulgaria" was registered in November 2006 in the town of Yambol. Produces cabling. Production began in March 2007

To 30.12.2014, the employees are about 1236 people. Production is exported to Turkey and the UK.

To 30.12.2014, in the plants in Yambol and Sliven 4597 people work.

Only in 2014 Yazaki Bulgaria EOOD created 3737 new jobs.

The investments of "Yazaki Bulgaria" in human capital are oriented in three main directions - health, social services and vocational education and training.

Value of the investment in personnel for 2014 - 3,782,956 leva

Presented the award: Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister for European funds and economic policy

"Life is full of struggles, competition is likely to be the most noble struggle. Because when we have fair competition, wins the best. But the one who is defeated today, he does not die. He has a chance tomorrow to become even better, tomorrow he will be a winner.

About the category, which I will gave the award. Human resources are the most sensitive area for investment for a simple reason. Machinery, assets, buildings, once you put money in them, they are completely under your control, strung disposition. Not so with humans. No matter what efforts you put into the development of quality human resources, if you do not create the conditions for them to stay, to developed, to provide value for you, the machines or the assets won’t benefit you.

I want to thank you all: the organizers, the entrepreneurs and the citizens. Especially the organizers, because today's ceremony gives us a chance to see who are the best and give examples to follow. "Receiving the award: Sinan Carr, manager of "Yazaki Bulgaria

"We from "Yazaki" are very happy to be in Bulgaria, to work with the Bulgarians. "Yazaki"  is already in for about 7-8 years. And during those years, we constantly grow. First we built a factory, then a second, and in the future, I hope we will have a third. This results from the fact that work well in Bulgaria. Thank you!"


4.Investitsiya in expanding, "Lukoil Neftochim" Burgas

Project "Construction of complex processing for heavy residues (CCPHR)" value of over 1.5 billion Dollars. The project will increase the efficiency of the refinery by increasing the depth of processing by 11-13%. This will increase the production of light fuel by 10%. Will improve the quality of fuel oil to the levels defined by EU legislation (with a sulfur content below 1%). The share of high-quality light fuels at the expense of fuel oil. With the commissioning of complex processing for heavy residues increases the volume of processing 375 thousand tons/year. Quantities exported fuels by sea in the oil terminal "Rosenets" are increased by 860 thousand tons/year. To provide increased export three new terminal are being built with capacity: 50 x. m3 for oil, 50 x. m3. for diesel and 30 x. m3. for low octane gasoline, which in 2015 will be invested 32.5 million Dollars.

The cost of training personnel of the company in 2014 totaled EUR 1.8 million. Leva (758 people), including invested 1.6 million. leva to train 112 workers and specialists engaged in the investment project CCPHR.

Total investment: 1.5 billion Dollars

Invested in 2014: 758.6 million Leva

Employment: 147 jobs

About 3,000 temporary jobs in companies performers.

Presented the award: Stamen Yanev, Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency


"I sincerely hope InvestBulgaria Agency to replicate "Lukoil Neftochim" and to expand investment flows to Bulgaria"

Receiving the award: Radoslav Penev, Director of Construction

"I accept this award as an assessment of the work of the whole team of "Lukoil Neftochim" and oil company "Lukoil". Last week Mr. Loukarski cut the ribbon on the first phase of this investment, we are on stage - commissioning. Thanks and good luck! "


5. Investment in merge/acquisition - Telerik: a progress company

American Progress Software Corporation acquired the Bulgarian "Telerik" last year for 262.5 million Dollars, the largest such deal in Eastern Europe. Currently, the company employs nearly 750 people, over 530 of them are based in Sofia. The office of the company in Bulgaria is one of the main development centers for Progress and is the largest office of Progress globally. The Bulgarian company is the largest software developer in the country. The company was established 12 years ago by Svetozar Georgiev, Vassil Terziev, Boyko Yaramov and Hristo Kosev. Gradually expanded and currently has offices in USA (Palo Alto, Boston and Austin), United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Australia and India. In addition to the creation of tools for developers Telerik is famous for its Telerik Academy training programmers, even trained personnel for competitive companies. The company is making many efforts to attract children to programming and set up specialized courses for their first steps into the world of developers

Presented the award: Bojidar Loukarski, Minister of Economy

"I am very pleased to present this award to "Telerik". What in the past year were able to realize Zaro, Vasco, Boyko and Hristo, is really impressive. On the other hand the disputed competition into that category proves that Bulgarian companies can fight not only ours, but also the global market. I firmly believe and am convinced that in 2015 and subsequent years will realize more and more such deals."

Receiving the award: Maria Atanasova, HR Manager in "Telerik: a progress company"

"It is a great honor to be here tonight. I want to thank you on behalf of the founders of "Telerik" for their recognition of InvestBulgaria Agency. The acquisition of "Telerik", the biggest software deal for 2014, for us is a great achievement and a sign not only for the company's success, but also a symbol that we continue to invest in the development of company employees in Bulgaria and global levels.

We are also very happy that from start-ups founded by four friends, "Telerik" managed to become a provider of world-class software products.

We want to wish the entrepreneurial eco-system in Bulgaria continue to reap more success and hopefully more and more investments happening on the Bulgarian market."


I. Crystal plaques of InvestBulgaria Agency


1. Investment in environmental protection - Aurubis Bulgaria

"Aurubis" is the leading integrated group for the production of copper and the largest processor of copper in the world. The group produces 1 million tonnes of copper cathodes each year and various copper products. "Aurubis" has nearly 6500 employees, factories in Europe and USA and an extensive network of service and sales of copper products in Europe, Asia and North America.

In 2014, the company has successfully implemented several important environmental projects. The investment program "Aurubis Bulgaria 2014" totaling 44.2 million Euros, of which 60% are for environmental protection with capital costs over 26 million euros. Another important investment is the construction of a treatment plant for waste water from rain-sewage drainage of the industrial site of the plant worth 6.3 mln. Euros, the operation with the most modern technology rain-water drainage of the entire industrial area is treated to achieve parameters for discharge.

Investment in 2014 .: 44.2 mln. Euros.

New jobs: 10

Awarding the prize: Mrs. Menda Stoyanova, Chairman of the Committee of Budget and Finance in the National Assembly

Receiving the prize: Tim Kurt, CEO of "Aurubis Bulgaria".


2. Investing in innovative business - "Teklas Bulgaria" Kardjali.

In 2014 was built the third factory "Teklas-Bulgaria". The total amount invested in the production building, administrative offices, warehouses, plant and equipment worth 19 million leva. The total built area of 18,000 square meters. The construction of the third plant of "Teklas-Bulgaria" on the territory of Kardjali is the biggest investment in Kardjali district over the past 50 years. As of 31.12.2014 the company staff is 1409 people, the business-program of the company plans to end of 2015 the staff to reach 2,000 people.

The factory introduces innovative production process for polyethylene/processing  "blow molding" of engineering plastics, plant and equipment totaling 7 million Leva. Created 968 new jobs.

Total value of investment: 65 million Leva.

Presented the award: Lyuben Petrov, Deputy Minister of Economy

Receiving the award: Georgi Georgiev, manager of "Teklas Bulgaria"


3. Investment in conquering a new market - "Bulfarma" Ltd.

"BULFARMA" is a company with 17 years of history, it was created in 1997. Since 2000 the company invests in health as in the same year made the first in Bulgaria privatization of the public health establishment in Pazardjik. Since then "BULFARMA" Ltd. through privatization and own construction has created six hospitals and 7 polyclinics throughout the country. The largest of the 6 hospitals is "Sofiamed", which has 550 beds. The total number of hospital beds in these institutions exceeds 1,500. The structure of "BULFARMA" Ltd. employs about 3,000 people. Since its establishment until today, "BULFARMA" Ltd. has acquired majority stakes in 31 companies except in healthcare, pharmaceutical, construction, public transport and logistics, production of building materials, property management and others.

Total investment in 2014 .: 58 mln. Leva

Presented the award: Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism

Received the prize Nikola Teak, manager of "Bulfarma" JSC.


4. Successful startup - "C&C Textile" - Haskovo

In March 2014 the Turkish Eurotex, the largest producer and supplier of polyamide fibers in the country, established in Bulgaria company "C&C Textile" Ltd. in Haskovo.

For a short time the company built a factory for the production of elastic threads and threads with lycra, installing 30 new machines and created 115 jobs.

The investment program of the company provides in the upcoming three years the total number of installed machines to reach 150, while the number of employees will be increased to 1,000.

The range of our products will be diversified, and the total volume of production will reach 600 tons per month. With manufacturing facilities located on 40,000 square meters, the company will become the third largest company in Europe in the production of elastic threads. The second stage of the investment plans of the company include the creation of an enterprise in the field of seamless underwear. The management of "C&C Textile" believes that in carrying out their investment intentions will contribute significantly to the development of Haskovo region.

Presented the award: Daniela Vezieva, Deputy Minister of Economy

Receiving the award: Ayse Chelikyalmaz, CEO


III. Special certificates of IBA


1. In order to combat youth unemployment

"Nestle Bulgaria" for "Alliance for Europe"

The award  gave: Stamen Yanev, CEO of IBA

Award received: Juan Carlos Pereleho, Executive Director of "Nestle Bulgaria"



2. Sustainable Development in Bulgaria and creating employment in municipalities with high unemployment "ALS Bulgaria" for the second plant in Ihtiman, employed 692 people and project a new production of upholstery

The award gave: Stamen Yanev, CEO of IBA

Award received: Sean Bosch, CEO of "ALC Bulgaria"



3. For successful partnership

BCCI partnership in the implementation of 10 investment forum in 7 IBA

The award was handed by Ms Majid Ahmedova, deputy CEO of IBA

Award received: Tsvetan Simeonov, President of BCCI



For InvestBulgaria Agency

IBA mission is to promote investments in Bulgaria, to assist Bulgarian and foreign investors in all stages in the implementation of their investment projects. In addition to doing proactive marketing to attract new investors, the Agency aims to support the already launched projects to ensure their successful development.

The awards are awarded to companies that have made a significant step in its development through sustainable and efficient investment, create new jobs, pledged the introduction of new technologies, which is consistent with the goal of smart and sustainable economic growth. This year the assessment is reported and whether the companies have invested in measures to protect the environment.


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