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December 15, 2020


For it‘s fifteenth anniversary, InvestBulgaria Agency / IBA / organizes the annual Investor of the Year awards. The competition aims to highlight the most significant investment projects implemented during 2020 in Bulgaria. Through "Investor of the Year" IBA wants to encourage "on the green" new projects as well as extension of well-developed businesses.


The projects will be evaluated by an authoritative jury according to the following criteria:

  • investment made during 2020 in Bulgaria;
  • the amount of the investment made;
  • corporate - social responsibility - consistent policy and initiatives shown in this area;
  • created product / service, with great popularity or with significant market success in it‘s application field in and outside of Bulgaria;
  • number of newly created jobs for 2020;
  • initiating good practices related to overcoming the shortage of staff;
  • positive image, observance of sustainable business practices and positive perspective for development;
  • implementation of innovative practices based on new technological processes.


5 Golden Bull statuettes made by the sculptor Seyfetin Shekerov will be awarded in the following categories:


1. Investor of 2020 (complex assessment);


2. Green-filed investment of the year;


3. Investment in business expansion;


4. Investment in innovative business;


5. Investment in human capital;


Honorary awards - IBA plaquettes will be awarded in the following categories:


1. Successful startup;


2. Municipality in Bulgaria with the most investments;


Your help by nominating the most successful investment projects is of great importance to us. We expect you to make nominations for investment projects implemented in 2020 by January 15, 2021 at the following website: