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Madzhide Ahmedova, IBA Executive director ad interim participated in a videoconference with the Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives of Bulgaria

September 1, 2020

"During the past difficult months, InvestBulgaria Agency has launched a number of activities related to dealing with the negative consequences of Covid-19. Regard this we have focused efforts on attracting investors who want to shorten the supply chain and relocate their production. Nearshoring is becoming a popular choice as many companies begin to prefer geographical proximity. Nearshoring provides many benefits, such as reducing costs and ensuring better control, which will lead to higher product quality, also access to more skilled workers and lower labor costs, which improves both quality control and customer service“, stated by Madzhide  Ahmedova, Executive director ad interim of IBA in a speech to the participants in the Annual Conference with the Ambassadors Extraordinary and the Permanent Representatives of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Mrs. Ahmedova stressed that with the Decision № 568 of August 13, 2020, the Council of Ministers was adopted the Project of the Industrial Parks Act, by which IBA will undertakes the verification of the circumstances for entering the park in the Register of Industrial Parks, and to make a proposal to the Minister of Economy for the issuance of a certificate. InvestBulgaria Agency will build and maintain the relevance of the Register. As a result of the procedure for interdepartmental coordination of the bill, the Agency's proposals for amendments to the initial draft of the Industrial Parks Act aimed to facilitate the conditions for creation, construction, operation and development of industrial parks, shortening administrative procedures by up to 2 / 3 of the initially envisaged term and providing an opportunity for use of the incentive measures in the IPA and for projects of industrial parks.


During her participation in the videoconference thematic discussion "Diplomacy in Support of the Bulgarian Economy",

Mrs. Ahmedova presented the document "Consortium of Carbon Neutral Industrial Parks (VNIP), Strategic Intent", which contains an initial project for the future development of four industrial zones in Bulgaria in four Bulgarian districts - Plovdiv, Burgas, Gabrovo and Haskovo. The project has three main objectives: to create an attractive investment and innovative environment in the participating municipalities, to ensure carbon reduction in the participating industrial parks and to create an attractive working and living environment for park workers and their families. In 2030, the parks in the Consortium will be established as destinations for high-tech, sustainable and environmentally friendly investments. They will become an attractive place for innovation, applied research and development and incubators and accelerators for new companies.


"Initiatives like this help to develop cooperation in support of the Bulgarian economy and are a prerequisite for establishing close contacts with our ambassadors and permanent representatives of the Republic of Bulgaria, which we accept as a bridge between foreign business and IBA. We count on your cooperation, together to continue to make targeted efforts to increase interest in Bulgaria as an investment destination! ", said Mrs. Ahmedova.