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Minister Sedlarski handed in three certificates for class A investment under the Investment Promotion Act

April 10, 2017

The Minister of Economy Teodor Sedlarski handed in three certificates for class A investment under the Investment Promotion Act. Certificates were received by the following projects: “Agripress Service” EOOD, “Questers Bulgaria” EOOD and “Scale Focus” AD. The official ceremony attended also the Deputy Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov, the Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency Stamen Yanev and the Executive Directors of National Company “Industrial Zones” Stefan Staikov and Antoaneta Bares.

Minister Sedlarski proclaimed that the investments in these projects have a total value of 5.57 mln leva and the projects will create 345 new jobs as a whole. He stated that only for the first four months of 2017, 9 certificates on a total value of 148.88 mln leva were issued, providing for the creation of 3850 new jobs.

The Minister of Economy pointed out that two of the projects – “Questers Bulgaria” EOOD and “Scale Focus” AD are in the high-tech field of the services sector and more specifically in the IT sector which is one of the most developing industries in the last years and together with the Outsourcing are among the leading sectors for attracting investments in Bulgaria.

According to him the third project of “Agripress Service” EOOD is in the logistics sphere (safekeeping of freight) and is taking place in the industrial zone “Sofia – Bozhurishte”. “This is the fastest developing industrial zone managed by National Company “Industrial Zones” whose capital sole owner is the Ministry of Economy. In zone “Sofia - Bozhurishte” 19 certified under the Investment Promotion Act projects are in a process of implementation and the foreign investors have most interest in the car and high-tech services industry“-said the Minister.

Minister Sedlarski stated also that the projects which received certificates for investments in 2016 are 24 – twice more compared to the previous year and the total investment on the projects is 383.67 mln leva – with almost 200 mln leva more in comparison with 2015. “The creation of over 4700 new jobs is expected”-added the Minister.

The representatives of the investors pointed out that Bulgaria is a good place for investments and the business and the government work in the same direction. Plamen Tsekov, Executive director of “Scale Focus” AD, expressed gratitude to Minister Sedlarski for the promotion of the IT industry.