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“Stamen Yanev: For the first three months achieve foreign direct investment of 300 million euros”

June 16, 2016


This is what the Executive director of InvestBulgaria Agency, Stamen Yanev, said who emphasized that this year InvestBulgaria plans to double investments, compared with last year.

“For us the focus in of industry, as a whole, and especially automotive. Eight of 10 cars in Europe are manufactured parts in Bulgaria. My great desires is soon to have a large automotive producer, which produces in Bulgaria”

Yanev explained  the discrepancies in the data for the direct foreign investment  in Bulgaria by Economy Ministry and Bulgarian National Bank. He explained this by the different methodology and seasonal differences.

For the first 3 months of the year, by preliminary data, we achieve direct foreign investments amounting to about 380 million euros, this is about 70% of  achievements in same period in 2015., pointed Yanev.

The agency reported increased interest in Northern Bulgaria, after being granted a tax exemption in the case of the profit is reinvested in an area with high level of unemployment.

Yanev will be become part of the delegation, led by Minister of Economy – Bozhidar Lukarski, on the International economic forum in Sankt Peterburg. This forum will be visited by many large international companies.

We hope in every way to strengthen the interest in Bulgaria as a good destination for innovation and investment. Its proper place is a leader in a region with its ability.

Our country is doing well in respect of the Junker`s plan, said Yanev. Three agreements have signed, they are related with the promotion of Small and medium Enterprises