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Stamen Yanev opened the Innovation Explorer 2018

February 22, 2018

"Innovation actually makes the difference between the leader and the follower.

To strive every day to develop ourselves and the people around us and what we do, do it better every day!

The Leadership = Innovation + Investments formula, and this definition can be well done here in Bulgaria.

At present, Bulgaria is a serious intersection of innovation and investment. The analyzes of world companies show that the economic center of gravity moves from the West to the East and is currently focused on Bulgaria. That is why Bulgaria, with its talent, strategic location, the opportunities that InvestBulgaria Agency(IBA) offers through incentive measures, gives opportunities for talent development, the economy, innovation. I can say that in the difficult 2017 we saw an economic growth of 4%. They put us in the Top 5 of the EU countries on this benchmark.

In 2017 IBA has supported 31 major investment projects, a large part of high technology. With the potential to open new 6000 new jobs with an opportunity to invest more than 350 million leva.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have certified 10 new projects worth 600 million leva.

IBA strives to develop and improve our business environment.

Bulgaria is a good place to do business, investment and innovation because we have active state institutions, talents, access to markets and all of this is packed with state incentive measures that are provided to you precisely so you can further develop your talents and at the same time, realize your innovative and interesting business ideas", said Stamen Yanev in front of the participants.

He expressed confidence that IBA would attract companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Ocado, the global innovators who were guests of the forum as future investors in the country because it is becoming an increasingly attractive investment destination based on data from recent years. During the event, Mr. Yanev met with Olivier Uhsh from the Chalenge Prize Center, Jim Fanning, Amazon Central and Eastern Europe Manager, and Gabriela Cech, Director of Legal Policies at Facebook, discussing potential projects in Bulgaria.

More than a thousand people took part in the forum. Congratulations were made by Ognyan Zlatev, President of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria, Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality. Moderator and moderator was Svetoslav Ivanov, journalist from Btv.