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„Uber Bulgaria “Ltd. with certificate for investment class A”

June 14, 2016


“Uber Bulgaria” Ltd received a certificate for investment class A for a project related with expand an existing Research center for development and maintenance of High-tech software, which is used by Uber around the world. These center employs in more than 20 engineers, hired on full time. The plan is related with increasing this number to 60 within a year. The Center of Uber will create High-tech software, which is very important for the company and will be used in more than 300 cities in more than 61 countries. The investment project will create many attractive jobs for High-tech software specialists. This will provide an opportunity to work with High-tech technologies. The developed software will serve electronic payments and electronic invoicing to customers, using Uber electronic platform. The hub will provide and maintenance of developed software and will eliminate problems and bugs. The software for the service of payment and electronic invoices will be upgrading in depending on the need of the Uber technologies, the scale of business and the changes in legislation at the local countries, where Uber operated.