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Getting certified under Investment Promotion Act

This section provides information on the certification process of investment projects under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA), which introduces a system of incentives for initial investment in tangible and intangible assets and the related jobs to it. This sector points out the types of investment classes (class A and B), the minimum thresholds for the application for a certificate for investment class, economic sectors, which are supported and required documents for the procedure. Here you can find the incentives that encourage certified projects, namely: shorter time for administrative services, individual administrative services, a grant to build infrastructure, financial support for training for acquiring professional qualifications, occupying the new jobs, regime (without tender or competition) for acquisition of ownership or limited real rights on real estate - private state or municipal property. We’ve also presented the "priority investment project". These are investment projects which relate to all sectors of the economy and are essential for the economic development of Bulgaria and its regions.