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1. Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Bulgarian legal framework in the field of electrical engineering and electronics is fully liberalized to ensure free movement of goods and services. In the same time, Bulgarian legislation is aligned with EU technical legislation.


Basic principle of the law in this field is the free movement of goods and services. For this reason, only basic safety characteristics of the products are introduced and the use of standards is voluntary. The lack of mandatory regulation in the process of conformity assessment in the sector of electronics and electrical permits, allows for less governmental intervention and reduced regulatory burden.


In the field of standardization, harmonized standards are implemented according to the internal rules of the European standardization organizations. Competent authority responsible for organization and coordination of activities with respect to national standards is the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization, which is the national standardization body of the Republic of Bulgaria, including with respect to preparation, approval and distribution of the Bulgarian State Standard (BSS). A key principle under the law is voluntary application of standards, equal treatment and access for all parties with interest in standardization work.



Procedure for evaluation of conformity of radio facilities and terminal electronic communication devices

Legal framework

  • The Law on Electronic Communications
  • The Law on the Technical Requirements to Products
  • Ordinance on the material requirements and evaluating the conformity of radio facilities and terminal telecommunication devices
  • Decision No. 217 of the Council of Ministers dated 29.03.2005 adopting a list of radio facilities which are subject to restrictions regarding their putting into operation

Competent authority

  • Person to whom the Chair of the State Metrology and Technical Supervision Agency has issued a license for evaluation of conformity

Procedures and required documents

  • Internal production control
  • Internal production control plus specific tests of the device
  • Internal production control plus specific tests of the device and inspection of the technical file
  • Full quality assurance


  • After satisfying the requirements under any procedure, the evaluating person shall issue a conformity certificate
  • Devices shall be marketed and/or put into operation when they meet the material requirements, have conformity marking and upon their proper installation, maintenance and use according to their designation are not hazardous for the health and safety of people, the environment and property.