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2. Information Technology

The market of information technologies in Bulgaria is free - development, production and export of information technology are not subject to special licensing.


In the same time, high-tech activities in the field of information technology and services are one of the priority sectors of the Bulgarian economy according to the Promotion of Investments Act.


Licensing procedure is provided solely for the production of optical discs and / or moulds to ensure the protection of copyright and related rights. The main responsibility of licensed producers is to install code source identification (SID - code) into their equipment. The license is issued by the Minister of Economy and Energy.


Issuing a license for production of optic discs or moulds for their production

Procedures and required documents

  • Filing an application for a license at the Ministry of Economy accompanied by the following documents:

-       Certificate of the absence of tax liabilities;

-       Documents certifying the ownership/right to use of the production facilities;

-       Reports on the production facilities and the available materials for production;

-       Business plan;

-       SID-code;

-       Lease agreement / title deed + a layout of the premises where the production facilities are installed;

-       Documents of the customs clearance of any imported equipment;

-       Statement that the production facilities have been installed.


  • The applications with the submitted documents shall be reviewed by an interdepartmental committee within 1 month from their filing.
  • Within two months from filing of the application the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism shall issue a license or shall refuse to issue one by a justified order.