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Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Advantages of the sector


Bulgaria in the News:


"Bulgaria is among the countries combining low prices for medical services with experienced medical personnel and has the potential to become a destination of choice for the so-called health tourists".


Reuters, from the report of the Economist Intelligence Unit, September 2011


An increasing number of Europeans (and persons from non-member countries) are travelling across borders    to receive health treatment, to avoid waiting lists or to seek specialist treatment that may only be available abroad.


Eurostat yearbook 2010


Bulgaria could become a medical tourism haven!

“The cost-to-quality ratio of health services in Bulgaria is very attractive to people from Western Europe.

The most sought-after services include: the treatment of infertility, plastic surgery, dental care, hip replacement surgery and laser eye surgery. They are all reasonably priced and carried out by highly qualified specialists in Bulgaria! “


“Bulgaria should use its natural endowments and intellectual resources, as well as the hundreds of mineral water springs, healing climate, curative mud deposits, organic farming and services promoting a healthy lifestyle, cultural, wine, seaside and mountain tourism.”


Antonia Wirth, President, International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)


Bulgaria provides:

  • Excellent geographical, climatic and environmental conditions
  • The unique combination of seaside, mountains and mineral water makes Bulgaria a suitable place for health promotion throughout the year
  • Long-standing tradition in balneology and spa tourism
  • Refurbished world-class medical and rehabilitation centres and hotels
  • Highly qualified and experienced healthcare staff
  • Relatively low cost of medical services
  • Well-developed network of private cosmetic surgery and dental clinics
  • Bulgaria ranks second in Europe after Iceland in the number the mineral springs, providing all types of mineral water existing in nature
  • Bulgaria is an attractive destination for treatment, prophylaxis and recreation
  • With moderate climate with four seasons and significant Mediterranean influence




Spring - fresh and colourful  

Summer - hot and dry






Autumn - warm and rain

Winter - mild and snowy