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Information Technology

Basic facts

Strong traditions in human resource in IT

number employees


Source: Basscom, 2016



There are strong Non-governmental organizations in the sector:

(Bulgarian association of software companies) is the industry association of leading Bulgarian software development companies. It was established in 2001 and to date has more than 50 members.


One of the core centers of cluster knowledge in Bulgaria. It is a member of several European cluster platforms and networks and maintains relationship with many European and world clusters.




Activities are directed to the benefit and defense of legal entities and natural bodies, working on design, arrangement, organization, realization and hosting of Internet sites, web design and Internet advertisement.



Bulgarian association of information technologies was established in 1995 and to date has nearly 100 members.




Bulgaria hosts a number of world IT leaders:

Bulgaria is one of  the few locations of SAP Labs  worldwide



Visteon Sofia Technical Center is the second largest development center of the company.



The largest Global Development Center for VMware in the EMEA region and the 3rd largest R&D site for VMware globally.