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Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Basic facts

The Electrical Engineering and Electronics sector in Bulgaria experienced steady growth since 2000


  • Sector for manufacture of electrical equipment covers about 4.1% of industrial production in the country and contributes about 4.3% of value added in industry. Production from enterprises in the sector is 19.9 billion Leva
  • Sector for manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products covers about 1.2% of industrial production in the country and also contributes 2.4% of value added in industry. Production from enterprises in the sector is 0.6 billion Leva
  • Currently there are about 45 000 people employed in about 2 300 companies in the electrical engineering and electronics sector



The majority of the production is exported


Exports of Sector by category


  • More than 75% of the production of the Electronics manufactured in Bulgaria is exported
  • Key markets for the Bulgarian electronics manufacturing are the EU countries, Russia and CIS, USA
  • Conductors and cables represent 25% of the total sector exports, followed by industrial batteries with 11% of the exported production and electrical apparatuses with 8% of the export
  • The export mix has been changing in the recent years towards products with higher added value requiring more engineering skills

Bulgaria hosts many of the large international companies in the sector




  • Bulgarian subsidiary employs 1700+ people
  • Capacity to manufacture 600 000 refrigerators annually
  • Delivers refrigerators to most of EU countries

  • Employes 450+ people in Bulgaria
  • Among the world leaders in electric distribution products and industrial automation
  • Established presence in Bulgaria - operating two manufacturing facilities

  • Employs 440 people in Bulgaria
  • Specialized in manufacturing of sensors and sensor applications
  • Bulgarian facility is one of the biggest that the company operates

  • Global leader in power and automation, employing 300+ in Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian subsidiaries provide engineering services and manufacture electrical equipment: circuit breakers, disconnectors and generating sets

  • Operates a manufacturing facility in the city of Yambol, employs 3 400+ people
  • Bulgarian branch is the main supplier of wire harnesses for the automotive industry in Spain and France

  • Employs 500+ people in Bulgaria
  • Represented in Bulgaria since the end of the 19th century
  • Runs manufacturing facilities and provides global engineering services from its Bulgarian offices

  • Employes  650+ people in Bulgaria
  • Manufactures heavy industry transformers, tap changers and solar systems



A number of Bulgarian firms have managed to establish themselves as regional and global leaders



  • Consortium of companies with main activities in the area of design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of electronic devices
  • Exports 90% of its products in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia

  • Founded in 1990 by a group of research fellows from the Bulgarian Academy of Science
  • Product portfolio includes electronic cash registers, printers, digital scales
  • Among the industry leaders in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Manufactures lead acid batteries for various applications
  • Exports around 85% of its products all over the world, mostly EU, and Eastern Europe

  • High tech manufacturer of full range of intruder and alarm systems
  • Products are exported to more than 40 countries all over the world

  • Leading manufacturer of ballasts for fluorescent, sodium , mercury and HID lamps, ballasts, capacitors
  • Exports its products to EU, South America, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

  • Designs, manufactures high quality High Frequency (HF) equipment, HF antennas and antenna crank-up masts
  • Products are sold in 110 countries around the world

  • Broadband communications industry and contract electronics R&D and manufacturing company
  • Designs and implements complete hardware and software solutions



Electronics and electrical engineering in Bulgaria have rich history and established traditions


1890 - Siemens participated in building the telegraph network in Bulgaria

1928 - First telegraphic and telephone factory opens in Sofia

1947 - The state electronic manufacturing enterprises “Radioprom” and “Elprom” are established

1965 - The first European electronic calculator ELKA 6521 was invented in Bulgaria

1971 - Beginning of manufacturing of computing electronics. Transition to mass production of memory, processors etc

1972 - The first Bulgarian -made space equipment was launched into space

1985 - The peak of the industry – manufacturing of modern computers. Electronics comprises 25% of Bulgarian manufacturing. 130 000 people are engaged in the industry

1988 - Bulgaria manufactures more than 40% of the mainframes and personal computers in Eastern Europe

1990 - Beginning of privatization of state owned  electronics and electrical engineering enterprises


After 1990s international companies established operations in Bulgaria, leading to a significant growth of the industry after 2000


1991 - Schneider Electric and Siemens open offices in Bulgaria

1993 - Festo AG & Co.KG establishes  sensor manufacturing facility on Sofia

1993 - EPIQ starts manufacturing operations in Bulgaria

1997 - Hyundai heavy Industries Privatized the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of power transformers and tap changers

2000 - Liebherr opens its refrigerator manufacturing facility in the Marica industrial zone near Plovdiv

2000 - Melexis establishes their Bulgarian operations for microelectronic components

2002 - Sensor Nite opens manufacturing facility for the production of sensors and high value added electronic and electro- mechanical products

2007 - Yazaki builds its plant for wire harnesses in Yambol

2011 - IMI purchases the facility of EPIQ Bulgaria in Botevgrad


There a number of established cluster zones in the electronics and electrical engineering sector in Bulgaria



  • The electronic manufacturing center of Bulgaria
  • Strong historic traditions in the industry
  • Located only 60 km from Sofia
  • Home of manufacturing facilities of  IMI, Incotex


  • The capital of Bulgaria, center of executive, legislative and judiciary power
  • Financial hub of the country
  • Home of Siemens Bulgaria, Schneider Electric, Hyundai Heavy Industries , Festo Bulgaria, Sensornite


  • One of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria
  • Strategically located in the heart of the country, regional administrative center
  • Home of  Yazaki Bulgaria


  • The second largest city in Bulgaria
  • Major administrative, industrial, transport and tourist destination
  • Home of manufacturing facilities of  Liebherr, Schneider Electric, BTL industriel