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Investment in biofuel installations amounting to €25 million completed in Ruse

August 24, 2012

Investment amounting to €25 million in installations for biofuels completed in Ruse the company "Bulmarket DM" said Vice-director Dimitar Baev. The final stage of the investment will be the opening of a plant for oil seeds processing, which will start running by the end of the month in Ruse. The raw material it produces will power biodiesel production plant in the Austrian city of Enns, which the company bought in 2010. Its goal is to provide resources and to insure against stock market fluctuations in commodity prices.


The investment in the Bulgarian company for oilseeds processing is about 13 million. The rest of it is related to the purchase and modernization of the Austrian enterprise.

The new facilities in Ruse have already started test works. Dimitar Baev noted that it has two main workshops – for press-preparation and extraction. The first cleans, grounds and presses seeds, and the second processes oil.

The factory in Ruse was built on the site of the steel casting complex of the former Heavy Machinery Plant, which was partly privatized by the company. It can process more than 200 tons of rapeseed and sunflower per year.

The oilseeds processing workshop is near the renewed river port, which is also part of the former Heavy Machinery Plant. From the port the extracted oil will be transported by barge to the plant of the company in Enns, which has a capacity to produce 100 thousand tons of fuel per year. According to Dimitar Baev biodiesel is sold mainly on the Austrian market - about 80% of the production. Part of the fuel is exported to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy.


Near Ruse "Bulmarket DM" is also involved in a project for biodiesel production - a factory in Slivo region with capacity of 60 thousand tons per year. The investment is made by the associated company "Astra Bioplant."


Source: Kapital Daily