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Groundbreaking ceremony of the new plant a "Gesso" AD

September 26, 2012

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new plant "Gypsum" AD was made ​​today. The plant in the village of Vidin Koshava for baking gypsum. The investment is worth 11.270 million lev and secured with European funding, own funds and co-financing from the state, which was signed on 9 July 2009. project "Enhancing the competitiveness and efficiency of the production of" Gypsum "AD by building complex installation calcification of gypsum "was approved by the Operational Programme" Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013 " The celebration was attended by MPs Vladimir Toshev and Lubomila Stanislvova, Governor Plamen Stefanov and Mayor of Vidin Rumen Vidov . Velichko Sioniy bishop, vicar bishop of Vidin, initiative and held a blessing ceremony. Vladimir Toshev congratulated the company for massive investment in the economy of Vidin and noted that future plant is evidence that enterprising no obstacles in providing finanansirane to develop . It was clear that the output of the new plant, which will have 50% clean and 50% energy saving is an example for Bulgaria and throughout the European Union. Source Darik