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Mesoni will invest 6 mln. euro

January 9, 2015

A new meat-processing company will be built in the village of Sitovo by a company under the name of Mesoni, reported Capital. At present its owners have an enterprise in Silistra. Plans are the one that will be erected in Sitovo to be with bigger capacity.

The new investment is assessed to 6 million euro. The exact method of funding is still in a process of elaboration. The new company will produce under the brand of Mesoni. Plans are products to be offered exclusively in company stores. There will be one in each big city.

Until now the producer has had four own stores in Silistra and two in Varna. Mesoni will work exclusively with own raw material. The company has two pig farms and a calf feedlot. Expansion of the pig farm by 8 thousand square meters is also taken into consideration. The planned investment there is 3.5 million euro. Mesoni is registered last year.


Source: Capital

Photo: Anelia Nikolova