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Business Software Solutions

Established: 2003

Personnel: 10

Activity: Mobile Software, Web-based Applications

Locations: Sofia, Bulgaria and Brisbane, Australia







Major clients:

  • Air Canada
  • Air Holand
  • Big Bus Company
  • Michelin etc.




Mobile Ticketing System


The system includes PDA software and Back Office system.

Major PDA software features are: cash, credit card and vouchers payments, multicurrency sales, discounts, annulments, barcode reading and generating, advanced tickets,start of day and end of day procedures, revenue control etc.

Major Back Office system features: user level access, multiple ticket prices and valid from schedule, end of day procedure, multiple agents’ types, voucher generation, invoicing and comprehensive reporting.


Truck Analyst


Site information management application with reporting

and communication modules.




Mobile Orders

Android application for mobile orders collecting.


E-Commerce System


Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that improve the online shopping experience.

The application delivers higher conversion rates and increase brand equity for retailers who need to differentiate themselves online.

The e-Commerce system makes the online shopping experience more dynamic, responsive and intuitive.