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Melon Inc.

Established: 2000

Employees: 150
Activities: Software development, Multimedia

Products (30 mobile apps):
•     200 000 app downloads per month
•     Over 10 million devices host Melon Apps


E-Learning products and services:

Learning Management Platform and Authoring Tools

50 000+ learners use Melon products and content

Software development services for Enterprise Customers (Coca-Cola Hellenic, Nokia, Philips, Egmont, Selecta)

25+ Startups, 1/4 based in London (,

Software Companies/Outsourcing Agencies in EU and USA

GPS voice navigator offers turn-by-turn voice driving instructions for Windows

Phone devices. It displays relevanttravel information like hotels, gas stations, speed cameras, etc. GPS

Voice Navigation offers a choice of four map and routing providers:

Google®, Bing®, Nokia® and MapQuest®.

This app consistently ranks in the

Top 3 paid Travel applications on the

U.S. market and most others


The Hotel Finder application is regularly featured on Windows. Store holding a leading rank along top industry players’ apps.

The Battery saver application for Symbian was downloaded by 1mln.users in 6 months.