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Devin AD

Established: 1992

Location: Devin

Employees: 500

Products: bottling and trade in mineral water, spring water and carbonated & non-carbonated soft drinks.

  • Devin AD holds a concession contract to use the water from for springs “3” and “5” in the region of Devin, in the Rhodope Mountains, from which the mineral water Devin is extracted and bottled. DEVIN water is bottled under very stringent quality requirements which are monitored and reported daily by the company’s laboratory and comply with international standards and procedures
  • In August 2007, Devin AD increased its capital and became a public company with shares freely traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. In 2008, Devin overhauled its bottling plant and increased its capacity to reach 45 thousand bottles per hour. In 2010, Advent Water, part of the investor company Advent International, acquired 97.9 % of the company
  • Devin and Philicon entered into a long-term contract, effective since March 2011, according to which Devin AD will be responsible for the development of the brand Fresh and its marketing in Bulgaria and Romania
  • In 2010, Devin AD won the award for Innovation in the Non-Alcoholic Industry