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Heineken (Zagorka)

Established: 1994

Location: Stara Zagora

Employees: 570

Products: production and bottling of beer

  • Zagorka AD is the successor of an old brewery tradition with over 100 years of history which began with the first brewery established in Stara Zagora in 1902
  • In recent years, the production and sales of Zagorka AD have been constantly increasing, and the company climbed several times to top position in the beer market
  • Zagorka AD maintains a balanced portfolio of successful brands in all price segments: Zagorka, Ariana, Stolichno, and the corporate brands: Heineken, Amstel, Starobrno and Kaiser
  • Since the privatisation of the brewery in 1994, Zagorka AD has invested over €110 million in the modernization and expansion of production facilities, making Zagorka the most modern brewery in Bulgaria
  • Zagorka brand products are exported to the USA, Greece, Britain, Spain, Portugal and others