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Sutherland Global Services

Established: 2008

Employees: 260

Activities: Customer interaction service, Back office transactions, F&A



• Leading anti-virus companies
• Leading PC hardware manufacturer
• Leading banking and insurance company
• No.1 North America e-learning company


75% of clients are in the Fortune 500 space.

Sole provider of customer service in Europe for one of  the largest international telecom companies
Sutherland’s headcount has grown 7 times since 2008. 40% of the current middle management are home grown.


“Bulgaria is the top performing

geography of Sutherland with 100%

referencable clients and best

talent when it comes to technical

capabilities. Smaller Delivery team

compared to our own delivery

locations like Philippines, US or

India but services provided are with

higher complexity with a stress on

language, skill and medium.”

Satish Ramachandran,

Senior Director – Service Delivery,


Established: 2008

Personnel: 260


Customer interaction service,