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Food and Agriculture

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Domaine Boyar

Domaine Boyar is one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers and exporters of Bulgarian wines in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.
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Chipita Bulgaria SA

Chipita Bulgaria is part of Chipita S.A. - a Greek company with strong presence in 35 countries. The company holds 75% of the market in croissants and packaged snack food in Bulgaria.
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Kraft Foods Bulgaria

Kraft Foods Bulgaria is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods Inc., the second largest company worldwide in the food industry. The company is a leader in the production of coffee and chocolate in Bulgaria.
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Nestle Bulgaria AD

Nestle is one of the largest strategic investors in the Bulgarian food industry. The product range of Nestle Bulgaria includes: baby food, culinary products, chocolate, desserts, chocolate and pastry biscuits, dairy products, cereals, pet food etc.
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Zaharni Zavodi

Zaharni Zavodi is the largest food-manufacturing complex in Bulgaria. The Zaharni Zavodi group includes: sugar & confectionery producing plants, ethyl alcohol production facilities, a print house, a TPP, and a repair plant.
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Gradus is the largest producer of poultry meat in the Bulgarian market.
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