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Food and Agriculture

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Ameta Holding

Ameta Holding is one of the largest companies in the Food & Beverage sector and a leader in the production of chicken meat in Bulgaria.
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Bella Bulgaria

Bella Bulgaria is the biggest food producer in the country, and occupies a leading position in the meat processing market.
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LB Bulgaricum

LB Bulgaricum holds: 11 patents for Bulgarian dairy products, 45 trademarks registered in Bulgaria, a corporate trademark registered in 26 countries and 6 designations of origin.
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Danone Serdika

Danone is the world’s largest yoghurt producer. The company's portfolio includes five brands with over 50 high-quality products.
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Philicon-97 Ltd

Philicon-97 produces tomato sauce, tomato concentrates, marinated vegetables and salad, compote or preserves, rose jam, milky fresh drinks, etc.
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Deroni is a big Bulgarian food producer of cans, ketchup, tomato based and soya sauces, lutenitsas, preserves and jams, mayonnaises, mustards, olive oil, balsamic condiments, pasta-spaghetti and macaroni, etc.
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