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Tokuda Hospital Sofia







Founded: 2006

General hospital features:

  • 32 clinics and wards
  • 9 floors; 52 000 sq. m.
  • Over 1 000 hospital beds including
  • Over 30 specialized medical departments
  • 3 operating units in 22 surgery theatres
  • One-day surgery center
  • Modern cardiac surgery and diagnostic centers
  • Comprehensive and state of the art medical diagnostic center
  • Occupational medical center
  • Urgent care emergency response unit
  • Medical and cosmetic dental center
  • Nuero-navigation center for spinal and brain surgery
  • Centre for Preventive Medicine

Tokuda marked its fifth anniversary by making a strategic investment in medical tourism, by opening the first international hospital ward for the so-called “medical” tourists.


More than 8 000 patients from other countries are treated at Tokuda - 400 from the U.S., 800 from Canada, 1 000 from the EU and 350 from Russia and the CIS, 200 from the Middle East and from Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, and Romania.


Tokuda Hospital Sofia provides world-class medical care to patients at significantly lower prices and no waiting lists.


Functional Capacity:The single private room is designed to with the idea of maximum comfort for the patient, the room includes cable television, telephone, wireless internet access, a small lounge area to receive your guests within the hospital room, a mini-kitchen range-top, mini-refrigerator, sink and all the amenities of home.