InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) is part of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, established with the aim to help potential and existing investors explore investment opportunities and carry out greenfield investment projects in the country. As part of its efforts to promote Bulgaria as a secure European destination for investments, in the period 20 October – 20 November, 2014, IBA will be hosting a series of business forums in seven countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

Companies which are internationalising their business and looking into opportunities for easy and secure access to markets with an attractive business environment in the European Union, Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East, will benefit the most from the events.

The forums will give participants the chance to get acquainted with the business climate and opportunities that Bulgaria can offer as a member of the EU, as well as to meet state representatives and business leaders keen to share their in-depth experience of doing business in the country.

The four-hour programme will include a presentation on behalf of IBA and short lectures of four speakers, representatives of companies originating from the relevant countries and having successful business in Bulgaria. The key speakers will share exciting case studies and their experience in working in Bulgaria. The events will afterwards continue with networking.

The events are your opportunity to find out why international companies have invested in Bulgaria and what the country has to offer for your business development.